Kirsty Rawden Veterinary Physiotherapy
BSc(Hons) PgDip Vet Phys MNAVP
A consent based approach using soft tissue techniques, energy & movement to develop relaxation of both body and mind & improve posture.

Covering West Yorkshire & Surrounding Areas
Member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists
Lazaris Nerve Release Technique Practitioner

Kirsty Rawden is a holistic veterinary physiotherapist based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. She provides freelance veterinary physiotherapy services across West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Using a consent based approach, Kirsty allows the horse to guide her in her treatments using soft tissue techniques, energy and movement to achieve relaxation and restore balance within the body. Her belief is by restoring trust, movement and good posture, injuries, degeneration and pain are greatly reduced.

Kirsty draws from her years of experience exploring different techniques and methods to select the best treatment for your horse.  She uses a variety of manual techniques and movement to improve your horses posture which will in turn treat musculoskeletal conditions, injury, Neurological deficiencies, age related changes and help with pre and post operative conditioning. Her work also works on an emotional level, bringing the horses awareness back to his body and regulating the systems within.

A combination of hands on techniques, remedial exercise prescription and electrotherapies will be used to treat your horse with every treatment plan tailored towards your horses needs to ensure the very best results.

Kirsty is fully qualified in veterinary physiotherapy to Post graduate level and a certified Lazaris nerve release technique practitioner. Kirsty is fully insured and her services are insurance company approved. Kirsty is also an accredited clinical educator which means she teaches some of the clinical aspects of the university courses and often has students out observing her work. Kirsty undertakes regular CPD to keep up to date with research and to learn new techniques and methods to add to her therapy tool box. 

Kirsty works within the region of West Yorkshire. Areas covered with no travel charge are indicated on the map below however if you are interested in a treatment for your horse and do not live within the area shown please contact her and she will endeavour to meet your needs. Full yard days can be arranged outside the area.

Balance Through Movement Method

I highly recommend becoming a member of BTMM. The principles on this platform are a continuation of the nerve release work I do, it will take you through the relationship to connection and how to achieve this with your horse. There's opportunity to book 1:1 session with trainers both face to face or over zoom so you can continue to build your knowledge and relationship with your horse both in hand and under saddle. 

Ron Fields Nutrition

I highly recommend these products. The body is a whole unit, if one part is out of sync it will have a knock on effect on the whole body. The health of the guts hugely influences the muscle and fascia and I have seen major improvements in this with horses on these products. Click the here for more information.