Proof is in the pudding

A bottom that we have built up nicely over the last few months.
1. He has had monthly sessions to help release all the tension around his pelvis which was pulling it every direction it shouldn't be.
2. We started with IN HAND work for 2 months focusing on straightness and release of the topline to recalibrate and realign his body.
3. Then we introduced ridden work focusing on the same thing - straightness & relaxation.
4. Started introducing some faster work in the last month to start to develop more strength and power - once we had the straightness.

If we start marching horses up hills, over poles or strapping things to them with pelvis musculature like this then we will only make the problem worse, we will strengthen what is already working too hard and strain the weak side further.

I will say it again, we must learn to walk before we run. No short cuts, no gadgets.

Step back, recalibrate the body, focus on straightness and the body will develop evenly. We cannot change the skeleton, but we can support it by developing the soft tissues correctly.

Credit to his owner for taking direction and sticking with the plan.

(Some will argue the horse isn't standing straight in the first photo. Unfortunately the stable wasn't big enough to fit his legs in, but I can assure you he was square in both)