What is Physiotherapy?

"Physiotherapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal issues by methods such as massage, movement and stretching combined with remedial exercise for a complete and focused treatment of a variety of issues"

Manual Therapy

Kirsty utilises a range of different manual techniques throughout her sessions ranging from light touch and energy work to gain consent to allow her in,  to heavier compression to free off those deeper structures.  She focuses not only on relaxing the muscles but stretching and mobilising the fascia, taking the joints through their range of motion and re-educating posture.

Holding Space

Many horses struggle to release their bodies because of tension both physically and mentally. By offering a space to feel safe and relaxed first, the horse is more likely to allow greater changes to happen within their bodies. Kirsty will utilise this to start the session and throughout to keep the horse in a receiving energy. 


Horses need to move to reprogram structures in their bodies and release tension. You will see Kirsty allowing the horse to move throughout the session to allow this reprogramming and encouraging stretch to release and relax the mind and body.


Electrotherapy can be used to optimise the healing of injuries. Kirsty has an array of electrotherapy equipment available which she uses and hires out to help achieve the best possible healing alongside her manual work. All modalities are non-invasive which means the do not break the skin and are all portable making them a great tool to use on stable yards.

Pulse Electromagnetic field Therapy (PEMF)

Pulsating fields induce small electrical charges which aim to upregulate the cells within the targeted tissue to aid in the process of healing. By establishing near normal voltages across the cell, this improves the nutrient flow in and out of the cells to regain normal function. PEMF can be used to treat a variety of different issues depending on what settings are used to include: oedema/swelling removal, soft tissue repair (muscle,ligament, tendon), joint repair, fracture repair, nerve repair and pain relief. 


Therapeutic ultrasound uses mechanical energy in the form of sound waves to stimulate and upregulate cells which in turn helps promote healing. Ultrasound is most effective when used on collagenous structures such as tendons and ligaments but has been shown to have beneficial effects on scar tissue by aiding the alignment of fibres to help create a stronger more complete repair. Ultrasound is non-invasive, quick and portable which makes it great for treating horses. 

Low level Laser therapy (LLLT)

Phototherapy is the collective name for therapy that is delivered in the form of light energy. Laser and red light therapy comes under this category. LLLT works by delivering light energy to the cell which is taken up by the mitochondria which increases the energy and healing output of the cell.  LLLT is useful for wound healing, pain relief and superficial soft tissue injuries. I also use my single diode laser in some of my trigger point work.