Its OK

I often have this conversation with clients. It seems society puts these pressures on people.
The only expectation I have of my clients is that their horses are looked after and physically fit for purpose.
I don't care if your saddle cost £3000 or £100 - as long as it fits and is comfortable for your horse.
You can have all the matchy matchy in the world but if your horse hasn't been shod for 12 weeks and never seen the dentist your horses basic needs are not taken care of, I couldn't care less what matches what!
Your horse has no expectation to go out and compete, it has no expectation to be ridden. BUT if you choose to have your horse as a competition or ridden horse you must keep it fit to perform what you are asking. It is not fair if you leave it in a field all week and then take it hunting. That's like you sitting on the sofa all week then running a marathon. You are responsible for the fitness of your horse. If you have a pleasure ride coming up and your horse hasn't been ridden all winter, think about getting your horse fit 6 weeks prior, if time doesn't allow, you need to decide who is going to benefit from going? Fit horse = less chance of injury!!!
I know life gets in the way, you have a family, you work long hours, I hear it a lot and I completely get it. All your horse and I ask of you is that you look after him.
Now 'look after' doesn't mean feed him until he explodes - this is just as much as a sin as letting a horse get emaciated. If he's not ridden as much cut down the feed, manage the grazing, provide a good quality balancer.
If you don't have time to ride, do 5 mins of groundwork in the yard or field to maintain core strength for when you do get back on.
If he's wooly and covered in mud that's fine! That's how they're meant to be! As long as you provide a good groom frequently. A rubber curry comb will loosen dead hair, get the blood circulating and improve the oils in the horses coat as well as allowing you to check for any injuries.
Look after your horses feet, just because you're not riding as much doesn't slow the growth of the foot down - no foot, no horse.
Same for the saddle - if they're not ridden they will change shape - consider this after prolonged periods out of work.
But most of all take the pressure off yourself, your horse has no expectations. Enjoy the time you have with them, they're expensive and you never know how long you have with them!