Is your horse speaking to you?

I've heard numerous things over the last few months that seriously make my heart break. I have been to horses that have been in pain, and clearly being trying to convey this yet I'm being told some reputable trainers are telling the riders to 'show them whose boss' , 'they're just being naughty', and encouraging the use of bigger spurs, bigger bits, harsh gadgets and even one person suggesting to use spiked bit rings... What the actual?!
Most of my clients are amateurs, they're amazing, they seek guidance from professionals and act on it. But when that guidance is of the above nature it saddens me. Thankfully the ones I've spoken to haven't taken the advice, and instead sought help from me, but why in the 21st century is this 'advice' being dished out when we know so much about horse behaviour and it's link to pain?
Instead, why are we not saying:
'oh your horse is a little strong today, let's work on your seat and communication'
'your horse is a little unresponsive today, lets work on your leg aid'
'Your horse isn't flexing very well, let's work on suppleness exercises'
'Your horse is showing adverse behaviour/ struggling which could be a sign of pain, lets get him checked out'
A horse doesn't 'misbehave' for no reason. It's either in pain, scared or doesn't understand the question being asked, they're not vindictive.

So please, can we start listening to the horses, educating ourselves and stop looking for quick fixes.

You wouldn't tie your child up and smack it with a whip, kick it with spurs if they weren't 'listening' or didn't understand what you we're asking so why do we feel that is acceptable for our horses.

And to owners, parents, riders, if you are given this sort of advice walk away, there are plenty trainers out there who are there for the welfare of the horse, these are the people you want teaching you. If you want to read more about the horse pain ethogram follow the links below

lastly, Thank you to the compassionate trainers out there