Handy Tip!

Handy tip!
I learned a great tip this week! it's so simple and easy I wanted to share it with you all!
When you have had your saddle freshly checked and fitted get a weight tape or a tape measure out and measure around your horse's barrel at the girth area. Note the measurement down in CMs. If, over time, this value increases or decreases by 5cm this is equivalent to 40kg (2 bags of horse feed in weight) and would mean your saddle would need checking and possibly altering! 5cm under and your saddle may move more, 5cm over and your saddle may be that snug it starts to press and damage underlying tissues.
It's so important that saddles fit correctly, I often liken it to my clients like a pair of shoes, too big and they move and rub, too small and they squeeze & hurt!
Thank you Sarah @ Saddles Direct for such a great tip!